• Image of Full Stitch Belt in Timber Brown
  • Image of Full Stitch Belt in Timber Brown

The Full Stitch Belt can be worn as a dress belt or everyday. The full length of the belt has a running stitching that is done entirely by hand. Solid brass buckle and screw hardware. 1.25" wide and 7-8oz thick with 5 holes. Coated with a conditioning wax to keep it moisturized and help protect it from the elements.

In striving to make your belt have the perfect fit we ask that you take a belt that you currently wear, lay it flat and measure from where the leather starts after the buckle - to the hole that you regularly wear it on. This gives us the measurements for an exact fit, insuring that the belt will fit perfectly.

Since most products are made to order please allow 4-5 days for shipping.

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